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Ranging from deeply introspective interpretations to virtuosic expressions of outward joy, Pianonymity is a collection of thirteen original adult contemporary/new age creations for solo piano by STYVYN.

"As the world slumbers, long before the solitude of night is obliterated by the resplendence of dawn, a solitary thought begets a word, the word begets a phrase, the phrase begets a poem, the poem begets a wordless music, metamorphosing from the terrestrial quiescence of language into the celestial expression of imponderables." ~STYVYN

Stargazer dreaming of utopia
Visionary of the human spirit
Fearless innovation
Tireless devotion
Pushing the envelope
Searching for the edge
You have accomplished the impossible
By beginning where you were

~excerpt from Enraptured

You knew just what to say
You knew just what to do
You knew on every day
To just say, “I love you”
The first words I would ever hear
After the nothingness would disappear

~excerpt from Just For You

Rising, soaring, flying away
The bird of hope
Flight of fancy
Weightless on winds of change
On the horizon, not far away
Clouds of promise
Daylight breaking
Skies of aspiration
beauty beckoning
Don’t look back, just fly

~excerpt from Rara Avis

Amazing things I see
The things I see I don’t understand.
Overwhelm me with the wondrous joy
of curiosity
Nothingness, emptiness
I wonder why, why, why, why....

~excerpt from Wonder

styvyn pianonymity

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